Broken iPhone, What Do I Do?

I needed to fix my broken iPhone 6 screen and was trying to find a shop that I could trust.  It’s so hard with so many options out there.  Google plus reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews… where do you start and who do you trust?  Here is what I came up with:

1. Do I need a certified technician?

Not necessarily. It depends on what state you live in. Some states do require a special license in order to open a shop and repair electronics such as cell phones. In order to get a certification, you have to go through a privately owned training school. It usually takes a lot of time and money to get certified so unless the technicians have to they don’t. Most learn to do the repairs themselves and the ones that are good enough to have a shop and make a living from it are usually able to fix your phone with no problem.

Having said that, there are always a few bad apples. Be sure that you check out online reviews before heading over to a shop.  Here is an example of a Yelp listing  Make sure you check out both the good and bad reviews. Also, check out the reviews on their facebook page and Google Plus if they have them.2. “If a third-party repair shop fixes my cell phone, it will void the warranty.”

2. What about my Warranty?

The good news and bad news is, if you had an accident like dropping your phone in water or if you cracked your screen – your warranty won’t cover it.  So, don’t worry about voiding your warranty. Getting it fixed at a cell phone repair shop is going to be cheaper than replacing it in most cases.

3. What about the high price?

This is one I struggled with.  The prices seemed to about the same for most shops.  I did find that some pf the pricing depends on if they are getting original parts or not.  Make sure you asked.  Original parts are always more expensive and usually be ordered by any shop owner.  I found that getting my phone repaired was less expensive than getting a new iPhone.  Most places it was around $180 to fix. Plus I was able to keep all my pictures, video, contacts, etc without having the hassle of transferring data.

If your carrier tells you that your device can’t be fixed – they are lying.  They want to sell you a new device and get you into a new contract.  The only thing that a repair shop might not be able to fix is water damage if you didn’t take it in right away.

4. Maybe I can fix it myself

Ummmm chances are … no, no you can’t. When I was calling around, a lot of the techs on the phone asked me if I had attempted to fix it myself.  I wouldn’t even consider it, but I found out the many do.  I guess they get calls just for the parts and then try to fix it on their own and come in with a mess.  Cell Phone Repair shops fix so many phones – it takes no time for them to take them apart, fix them and get them put back together.  If it is your first time and maybe only – it could take hours. And then, you may do more damage than good.  If you manage to get it put back together, but it doesn’t turn on, the troubleshooting can be more complicated and time-consuming than Clark Griswald trying to figure out which bulb is burned out

Luckily I was able to find an honest business that was good at what they do. There are definitely shops out there that are slimy and trying to rip you off just like any other industry.  Don’t let that deter you. Check the reviews, call shop, talk to the techs and go get your phone fixed.